Richard Loof is a Dutch photographer born in 1986 in The Hague.
At the age of eighteen he discovered photography. Thanks to his first camera – an old digital Olympus – he became fascinated by everything around him.
Although he didn’t always pursue photography actively, his love for it never dwindled.

In 2018 he attended a workshop on intuitive photography with Eli Dijkers with a short follow-up course in 2019. This has given him an abundance of inspiration and his journey as a photographer has accelerated.

In 2022, Richard took over the Straatfotografie.nl platform from Fokko Muller.
With passion, gratitude and dedication, Richard has continued to shape this platform so that more people can become acquainted with street photography.

Richard teaches both group and private workshops, and he has successfully supported many individuals as well as businesses during their photographic adventures. Richard continues to evolve to ensure the quality of the workshops.
With his humor and practical working methods, these workshops are a tremendously valuable investment for photographers.

Richard’s images are characterized by the rich contrast between black and white.
He focuses specifically on a quite small part of the city. The events and objects that can be seen on the streets are very dynamic, ensuring that no photo is the same.
This makes not only the viewer excited, but also Richard, as it ensures continuous pleasure in taking these fantastic pictures.
When this shutterbug is working, his motto is “Keep it simple and straightforward”.